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Digital Image Package

Hopefully this can help answer some of your questions you may have about the photo process for this event.

Q: Do you have a prepay option?
A: Yes, you can prepay by clicking the Pay Now button above. If you would prefer to pay by a different method, please see me at the event or email me at 

Q: Do I have to prepay, or can I pay at the event and/or after the event?
A: You do not have to prepay but you will end up on my radar so that I can make sure to not miss you. It might be easier to pay ahead of time and get it out of the way, since I will be busy shooting the event during the day and I don't have a helper to handle the money. Also, I will honor the $60 package for up to 15 days after the event. After the 15 days, you can purchase the digital images, prints, etc, as normal from the website.

Q: What is included in the $60 package?
A: All digital photos that include your dog ($60 per dog). They will all be retouched, high-resolution JPEGs, not watermarked, that you can use for whatever purpose (printing, web, etc...).

Q: How do I receive my digital photos?
A: They will be delivered to you all at once via download link sent to your email address.

Q: Can I receive the photos on a USB flash drive?
A: Yes, add $20 extra for the cost of the flash drive and shipping.

Q: When should I expect to receive the download link?
A: As soon as I'm done retouching the images. No later than seven days after the event.

Q: Can I purchase the high-resolution JPEGs individually? If so, how much do you charge?
A: Yes you can purchase them individually from the website. For a single digital high-resolution image download, the standard price is $35.

Q: Do you have a guaranteed number of photos for the $60? What happens if you only capture one or two photos of my dog?
A: I typically capture a lot of each dog at these types of events. In the rare case that I only capture one or two, I would be happy to refund your money, and you can purchase them individually from the website. Keep in mind that my standard individual pricing for high-resolution images are $35 each.

Q: Will you have computers setup where we can review the images at the event?
A: Unfortunately no. I will have a TV setup that will have a slideshow of the previous day's select photos. The reason I do not use computers for people to view is due to the fact that I am the only shooter, and I also retouch all of my images before anyone sees them. I do not like rushing this process as I want to produce the very best images for you.

Q: How does the package process work?
A: Whether you prepay or not, when all of the photos have been retouched and uploaded to the website, I will post a link on ClicksByChris Facebook page with a link to the event photos. This will be a special link that would allow you to create an account and save your favorites (save all of your dog's photos). Once you are finished favoriting your dog's photos, email me at and let me know you are done. I will then prepare your photos to be downloaded all at once and send you the download link. I will also have business cards on the table where the slideshow will be displayed that has instructions for you to take with you.

Q: How many dog events have you photographed?
A: Well over 50 events, two were multi-day Florida Eukanuba indoor National Championships for NADD dock diving.

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