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With well over 50 dog events and counting, some major national or world Championship events, I consider my specialty to be dog events. Mainly large, fast-action dog events.

I pride myself on my well-thought out process and workflow to not only provide the best customer service with the best fast-action photos possible, but in protecting those photos from any mishandling and loss.

Your event photos will all be retouched and edited before they are viewable or sent to anyone. This process normally takes a lot of time, but I work hard to maintain my reputation in having those ready in a VERY timely manner.

The process works as follows:

  • I shoot the event
  • When the event is over, and I’m back home, I will begin going through every single photo. I will pick out the usable ones
  • I will then retouch each photo
  • They will then be uploaded to

  • Typically, I would offer your customers a package deal of some sort for digital download packages. I would handle the orders, money, and communicate to and from the customers. Customers would “favorite” their dog’s photos, and let me know when they have finished favoriting them. I will then send them information on how to download their favorites.

    If you would like me to your event photographer for your dog event, please contact me using the CONTACT link in the navigation panel.

    Each event is negotiable, but here are a few requirements:

    • I would be the only hired photographer for the event
    • I can only be in one place at one time, so if there are multiple events going on at the same time (i.e. pools, fields, courses, etc...) Please take this into consideration. I have shot major events where there were two fields, or two pools, going at the same time, but the fields and pools were in positions where I could shoot both at the same time.
    • Travel compensation to and from the event
    • Lodging compensation
    • Meal compensation
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